We are a market oriented company, specialized in high quality decorative wet and powder coating for application in sustainable and decorative industrial components, construction parts, installations and devices. Thanks to our years of accumulated expertise and experience we are able to respond very accurately to your wishes. We closely align ourselves with current industry specifications, but also on specific (environmental) technical requirements.

Alignment on your product specifications

With our professional and modern coating installations, suitable for small and large series, we are able to handle a lot of basis materials. Our structural attention for quality can be finding back in our ISO 9001 certified system. During the years we gained an extended knowledge and experience with coating technics for many industries, varying from the metallic enclosures and the electronic device construction until fine mechanical industry, domestic articles, tooling construction and façade coping.

The total process in good hands

In order to complete as much as possible the service, we offer besides coating facilities also several completing services. We have our own tampon printing department, where logos, pictograms or texts are applied on coated parts. Simple assembly works and packing activities are also part of our capabilities.


At Lakkerij Vandereyt, quality is one of our most important values.

We guarantee high-quality surface treatment techniques through our obtained certifications, which are applicable to all sectors with specific and diverse requirements.


Code of Behaviour

Why do we need a Code of Behaviour?

In a permanent changing world there is one element that remained unchanged: the unshakable intention of Lakkerij Vandereyt to maintain the highest standards in terms of ethics and integrity.

Through its technology, Lakkerij Vandereyt brings a major contribution to companies and communities. But not only what we are doing, but also the way we are doing it, determine our reputation to our stakeholders and helps us to remain successful.

That reputation is worth a lot for Lakkerij Vandereyt. And just like all of our trumps, it has to be developed and protected.

The Code of Behaviour has a central place in the way we are protecting and developing our reputation. It is based on our business principle of responsibility, respect and determination and describes how we should behave. It does not concern our general behaviour, but the way we are facing situations where our reaction may have a significant impact on the reputation of Lakkerij Vandereyt.

The Code of Behaviour is going beyond the simple compliance with the law in countries where we are active. It demonstrates our commitment to act ethically and with integrity in every situation, while at the same time we are respecting people’s right as individuals. We expect this from every employee of Lakkerij Vandereyt, everywhere and always, but also from all our business partners. High standards in our relations are the foundation for lasting success.

We want to be recognized as an established leader in everything we do. We also want that all our stakeholders are proud of their relationship with Lakkerij Vandereyt.

Rik Vandoorne,

The norms contained in this Code of Behaviour form the core of the culture and commitments that Lakkerij Vandereyt entered in.

A uniform enforcement of those standards within Lakkerij Vandereyt is essential and every employee is obliged to take these principles into account.

To this end, we ask that everyone reports possible violations. This can be done by contacting us at ethics@het-veer.be.


This Privacy Statement explains what we do with your data and applies to its registration and processing of them.

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Overview of materials that are treated

Steel, aluminum, RVS, electrolytic galvanized steel, dip hot galvanized steel, metalized steel, zamak, copper or brass.

PVC, ABS, polycarbonate, PU, SMC, polystyrene and ASA.

MDF and natural wood species.

Pre-treatment process

Steel, electrolytic galvanized steel and zamak:
5 zones spray tunnel: degreasing and iron phosphatization, rinsing, demineralized rinsing, chrome free passivation, and demineralization rinsing.

Aluminum, die cast aluminum, sendzimir, hot dip galvanized steel and steel with a laser skin:
7 zones spray tunnel: degreasing and stain, rinsing, degreasing and phosphatization with fluor, demineralized rinsing, chrome free passivation and demineralized rinsing.

Steel and RVS:
Blasting with an inert blasting medium.

Degreasing (manual or powerwash) and/or de-dusting with deionized air, filling and polishing, all types of primers and coatings.