From wet coating lines and cabins for powder coating lines until tampo printing. With our professional and modern coating installations you are at the right place for qualitative work. In accordance with the sector standards and specifications. For small or large series.


A structural attention for quality and the use of excellent raw material ensure high grade coatings and a shiny final result. Every time again. We are able to handle several materials and dimensions.


Multilayered and anti-corrosion withstand, heat resistant, soft-touch finishing? We offer a solution for every application or product. Covering, masked and uncoated zones? No problem for us.


We offer a wide range of logistic services. Fast pick-up and delivery of your products, packing activities but also simple assembly handlings are part of our possibilities.

What we are offering as a paint shop

In function of your demand, we are choosing for powder coating, like epoxy, epoxy-polyester or polyurethane or for a wet procedure, like cellulose, enamel, water paints, acrylate, polyester, 1-2 K polyurethane, heat resistant paints, soft-touch paints and conductive paints. Furthermore, it is also possible in both cases to coat only some specific parts of the workpiece.


Qualisteelcoat is the European quality label for the protection of steel by application of an organic coating (powder or wet paint).

There is a need for quality assurance of the delivered product. Principals of steel protection are looking for an effective tool to evaluate the paintwork of their suppliers on the basis of the same standards across Europe.

The scope includes both untreated and treated steel (thermal and electrolytic galvanizing, metallizing, sherardizing, zinc rich paint), chemical and mechanical pretreatment, powder coating, wet painting, indoor and outdoor applications . It concerns following sectors: construction, off-shore, marine, …